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From: Konstantin Batkov (
Date: Wed Sep 12 2007 - 13:38:07 CEST

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    Hi Alberto,

    I tried to do it using the USRYIELD estimator. These are the corresponding
    lines from my input file:
    USRYIELD 1413.0 201.0 21.0 R_TARGET R_VAC 1.0 etotal
    USRYIELD 20.0 0.0 1.0 3.1415926 0.0 3.0 &

    The kinetic energy of the projectile is 10 GeV, but I put the upper limit
    for energy to 20 GeV purposely in order not to loose some "overenergetic"
    I am not completely sure if these lines are correct, but the resulting
    number I have got for a single event is 0.64856.
    Am I right that one have to multiply this number by the width of the angular
    interval and by the width of the energy interval? This gives 0.64856 * PI *
    20 = 40.7502 GeV of total energy which is ~4 times greater than the energy
    of the projectile.
    Where am I wrong?

    The source code and the input file with the USRYIELD cards can be found


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