Re: problem in running for more than 1000 histories

Date: Thu Nov 29 2007 - 09:46:43 CET

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       thanks to all for valuable suggestions.I found out my fault , actualy
    the hollow cylinder in my input file ends at origin , where the beam
    passes through .So crash happens for large seeds.Now corrected my
    input file. now it is running well.I will go through Fluka
    course-Houston2007 lecture notes.

    Thanking you all again

    With regards
    Prasanta Kumar Sahani
    Scientific officer
    Raja Ramanna Centre for Advanced Technology

    > Hello,
    > The probable reason of the crash is that your beam begins at a boundary
    > between the vaccum and the nitrogen.
    > Then another issue which does not cause the crash, I wonder if it is
    > that you want: your beam is directed along z axis (default setting is
    > fuka) but your cylinders are directed along x axis, there may be no
    > interactions.
    > Hope it helps.
    > Sebastien.
    > wrote :
    >>Dear fluka users,
    >> I am a new Fluka user.I m trying to score energy depostion with the
    >>USRBIN command for a simple geometry of a Aluminium cylinder filled with
    >>nitrogen by 1.25 Mev photon.When i m trying to run this program for
    >>histories 10 or 100 , i am getting results.But when i ran it for
    >>histories 1000,10000 or more, it didn't run and some problem in Seed
    >>generation occured (as observed from output file).but i m not able to
    >>point out the fault properly.
    >> So please help me to find the solution.I m attaching my input file and
    >>its output files.
    >>With regards
    >>Prasanta Kumar Sahani
    >>Scientific officer
    >>Raja Ramanna Centre for Advanced Technology

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