Re: problem in running large gamma showers

From: Giuseppe Battistoni (
Date: Sat Dec 01 2007 - 14:18:54 CET

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    For the moment I can you give just a technical explanation:
    what's happening is that you have overrun the stack of FLUKA.
    If you look in flukapro/(GENSTK) you see that vector AGESEC is dimensioned
    to MXPSCS. In turn MXPSCS is a parameter defined in flukapro/(DIMPAR) and
    it should be set at 4999.
    That is also the stack for all particle which are not e-, e+ and gamma.
    So you probably had a very big inelastic interacion.
    It would be important to examine what is happening using the gdb debugger,
    after starting FLUKA from the last random seed that was left in the
    temporary directory where fluka runs (the last seed was written not
    earlier than 5 cpu min. before the crash).

    Do you know how to proceed for this purpose?

    After we understand what is really going on at the level of simulated
    physical processes we can try to investigate (if possible) for a viable
    solution. Personally I am very interested to such a case and I would
    really like to understand better the situation.


     On Fri, 30 Nov 2007, John Clem wrote:

    > All,
    > While attempting to characterize VHE gamma ray showers in the atmosphere, we
    > ran into the below problem that occured for every other primary. For this
    > case the primary energies are fixed at 20TeV.
    > "Subscript out of range on file line 357, procedure kaskad.f/kaskad.Attempt
    > to access the 5501-th element of variable agesec.equests:"
    > It became less frequent after maximizing our energy thresholds, however any
    > thing above these levels would shroud our analysis goals. Incrementing the
    > dimensions would seem like the next obvious step. Lack of access to this
    > part of the code prevents such a test. Any suggestions ??
    > Thanks, John
    > > John Clem
    > > Research Associate Professor
    > > Bartol Research Institute
    > > Department of Physics and Astronomy
    > > University of Delaware
    > > Newark, DE 19716 USA
    > > 302-831-4354

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