Re: Neutron capute simulation

From: Yung-Shun Yeh (
Date: Sun Jan 20 2008 - 20:34:06 CET

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    Dear FLUKA experts,

    Maybe my previous description is too vague. Let me describe it clearly. What
    I am doing is a mono-energetic neutron beam incidents into a cube filled
    with gadolinium doped liquid scintillator, and I want to get how many
    neutrons are captured by specific atoms respectively and the capture
    time(the time during neutron generated and captured).

    The following is the usrdraw entire,
          WRITE( 41.0, * ) 'Routine USDRAW called'
          WRITE( 41.0, * ) NCASE, NPFLKA, JTRACK, ICODE, NP
    * Loop over Secondaries.
          do 10 ip = 1, NP
                WRITE( 41.0, *) ip,KPART(ip),TKI(ip),WEI(ip)
     10 continue
    * Loop over Heavy Secondaries.
          WRITE( 41.0, * ) NPHEAV, ICRES, IBRES, ERES, EKRES
          do 20 ip = 1, NPHEAV
                WRITE( 41.0, *) ip,KHEAVY(ip),TKHEAV(ip)
                WRITE( 41.0, *) ip,ICHEAV(KHEAVY(ip)),IBHEAV(KHEAVY(ip))
     20 continue

    If primary particle is neutron and there is no neutron in secondary
    particles, and ICRES has value, I treat ICRES atom capture neutron. I can
    only find neutrons captured by Gd, but none by H. I read the previous
    mailing-list, it is because low-energy neutron data doesn't residual nuclei
    data in hydrogen.

    If I take secondary gamma rays, I found only mmtrck="H" can produce gamma
    rays. The gamma ray energy is about 2.2 MeV. There are no gamma produced
    with Gd. It is because there is no gamma data in Gd in low-energy neutron

    Is the way to get captured Target right? If not, please give me instruction
    on the correct way. Attachments are the input file and mgdraw.f. Thanks for
    your kindly help.

    Best regards,
    Yung-Shun Yeh

    On Jan 16, 2008 12:01 AM, Yung-Shun Yeh <> wrote:

    > Dear FLUKA experts,
    > I am doing the muon-induced neutron simulation. What I simulate is a Gd
    > doped liquid scintillator and muon flux pass through the detector. I want
    > to
    > see what kind of atoms capture the neutrons, and the capture time? I have
    > no
    > idea to deal with this simulation? could anyone give me some instructions.
    > Thank you very much.
    > Best regards,
    > Yung-Shun Yeh

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