[fluka-discuss]: Dumping information with mgdraw

From: Giovanni Costantini <g.costantini_at_unibs.it>
Date: Wed, 20 Jan 2021 11:13:48 +0100

Dear Fluka experts,
I have a question for you about dumping event particle information with
mgdraw. I built my subroutine in order to know all energies deposition by
every particle in the detector. I was wondering how the dumping on a file
works. More precisely, which is the order in which the particle's
information is dumped?

After I run simulations, I pass data to a colleague which applies a
clustering algorithm, to reconstruct the clusters.
She noticed that sometime happen the following issue: the dumping is
switching between two particles close one to each other instead of dumping
every step of one particle and then the other one (I put a screenshot of an
example, look at the ev (second column) 1, a negative pion and an electron
(pdg_code in the third column) are dumped in such a way. I also put an
input file and the mgdraw.f I am using).

Is it related to the different tracks they belong to? Thus it happens only
with delta rays for example?

The problem that I have is not strictly speaking with Fluka, it's just that
the algorithm she is using works in a precise way and I should try to have
the output of my simulations more similar as possible to the output
requested, but I was hoping you can give me some hint about this issue.

Thank you in advance for your help,

Giovanni Costantini

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