Again memory problem

From: Bertini, Denis Dr. <>
Date: Thu, 4 Dec 2008 12:52:17 +0100

Dear Fluka Team
I found extremely frustrating to see again this message in version 2008

 ******* Stopped in usrbin: insufficient space for allocation in blank common *******
 ******* 72722838 I*4 memory position available when ******** needed *******

First i have encoutered this problem many time in the old version , and
could not do anything about it but cutting my list of USRBIN in order to
fit to Fluka internal memory.
I was hoping that with the new version, something there will change but
still the same.
So again i will ask
      1_ Is it possible to increase the memory spool of Fluka
      2_ if yes, how to do it without recompiling (of course ) the fluka code
 thank you in advance for answers,

       Denis Bertini
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