Re: Problem with MATERIAL card

From: Nikolaos Charitonides <>
Date: Fri, 13 Nov 2009 22:49:48 +0100

Hello Angelo,

On 13/11/2009 6:39 μμ, Angelo Infantino wrote:
> Hi to all,
> I'm trying to simulate the production of Cu-64 by irradiation of a Ni target with proton (16.5 MeV).
> Unfortunatly i have some problem with the material card:
> 1) I have created a card material that i have called AIR and after i
> have created a card compound in order to define the composition of the
> air: the problem is that in card compound (in the name field) doesn't
> appear the AIR. this is really strange beacuse in other flair files i
> haven't this problem!
In the input file that you have attached us, the name of the material
you are defining is "ARIA", and not "AIR". Maybe this is your problem ?
Because normally, when you define a MATERIAL card, (without of course
stating the Atomic weight, as you correctly have done) then flair should
normally recognize that you are going to define a compound, and "make it
appear" on the name list, as you say.
In the input file you have attached us, I can see that there is no name
of the compound you are defining...without that defined, FLUKA won't run.
> 2) In the simulations when the AIR has been defined without problem, i
> try to re-define the Nickel with another card material in order to
> specify the isotope 64. I have filled all the WHAT but at the end of run
> in the .out file there was this error:
> Abort called from FLRM64 reason NO RANDOM FILE Run stopped!
> Why???? because if i assign at the same region the NICKEL inside fluka i haven't this problem
I would suspect that the problem is the name you have given to the
material. Try giving something like "MYNICKEL" (not more that 8
characters) and try if this works. But I am not sure, and because I am
out of office I couldn't actually check it. But I will do asap if this
is not the case....

> My last question is: i have read in the manual that is possible to
> define the isotopic composition of a material by the use of MATERIAL and
> COMPUOND card, but how?
> I attach the input file in order to allow you to understand my problems.

Yes, this is possible and easy. You firstly define the Materials with
"MATERIAL" cards, (if of course they are not pre-defined fluka ones -
see them in the manual) and afterwards, you "bind" these cards into a
compound card, defining the composition either by atom or by mass
percentage. Note that also compounds can be bounded together with the
same way.

I would suggest to have a look at the examples, that there are at the
manual, they are really enlightening :-)

All the best,
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