Re: Problem with MATERIAL card

From: Nikolaos Charitonides <>
Date: Sun, 15 Nov 2009 22:52:35 +0100

On 11/15/2009 10:22 PM, Nikolaos Charitonides wrote:
> Let me try to clear things a bit up (please correct me if I am
> wrong!). Whenever you are trying to define a MATERIAL (using the
> MATERIAL card) you have either to define it with a name that already
> exists in the fluka low-neutron library (you can see the library
> materials here: ) ,
> or to bound it with the low-neutron library using a "low-mat" card. If
> you don't do so, FLUKA doesn't know what to do with the low-energy
> neutrons, that's why the code returns an error. In your case, since
> you are defining an Isotope of Nickel, if you want to connect it with
> the cross section of the Natural Nickel, you should either name it
> "NICKEL" (and fluka automatically connects it with "Ni Natural Nickel
> 296K ENDF/B-VIR8 Y NICKEL 28 -2 296 Y", because it is the first on the
> list) or name it "MYNICKEL" and bind it with "Ni Natural Nickel 296K
> ENDF/B-VIR8 Y NICKEL 28 -2 296 Y" using a "low-mat" card (and the
> flair drop-down menu, if you are using flair)

Dear Angelo and users, Excuse me. The above is a mistake, since NICKEL
is already a predefined FLUKA material. So you can't just name your
isotope "NICKEL". Therefore the only way is to name it "MYNICKEL" (or
whatever you want)
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