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Subject: RE: FLUKA error
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Dear Ahmad,
it has nothing to do with statistics but most likely with a
too coarse stepsize in particle transport, which input are you using?
The results should be improved by using a meaningful settings of the
option FLUKAFIX, for example by activating the DEFAULTS card for HADRONTHERAPY
I believe this topic was already discussed in the mailing list last summer
Hope this helps.


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Dear FLUKA User,
I am using FLUKA code. I want to check the depth dose distribution of Proton
beam inside a water tank as irradiated target. but there is some problems in
the produced Bragg peak. the initial part of the Bragg curve has some
ripples (or Zigzags) and it's not smooth!!. I used USRBIN estimator. I
changed the target material, binning of the target (water tank) and used
different amount of the protons as primary particles (1 milion & 10 Milion),
but the mentioned error was not removed. an image of my results has been
attached via this email. please help me, and tell me what's the problem and
what I have to do?

Thank you very much in advance
Best Regards,

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