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Date: Wed, 19 May 2010 11:02:18 +0300

Dear all,

In my simulation, there are two targets. First one is crystal and second one is
amorphous target. Electrons (5GeV, radius=2.5mm at the crystal) go to the crystal target
and as you know generate electron, positron and also photon. there is a magnetic field
between two targets. So electrons and positrons will be swept off after crystal targets
and just photons go to the amorphous target.
But we know that, we can't define the crystal target in FLUKA now. So, i have a file
(see attachments => gamma_5geV_NODRIFT.txt) which is photons generated from 5GeV
incident electron beam with Geant4 (not Fluka) after crystal target. So, i removed the
just crystal target in my input file and modified source.f.
So, my questions are;
1) Which particle should i select in BEAM card? electron or photon? and what should be
the energy? should i write radius in BEAM card? or is there anything missing in my input
2) When i select the photon, they are going DOWN but they have to go parallel to z-axis.
What is wrong? What is missing in my files?

Please help me.

Thanks in advance...


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