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From: Chris Theis <>
Date: Wed, 26 Jan 2011 10:43:03 +0000

Hello Bertrand,

the limitation actually comes from the operating system& CPU architecture.
  Let's say that you have for example 4GB memory in your system but in reality
what is available is significantly less because of several factors. On one
hand you have to subtract any shared RAM used by your graphics adapter and
maybe some additional hardware requiring RAM. Thus, what you eventually get
is usually< 3GB which is available. Under 32 bit Windows there is the
current limit of a maximum of 2GB per user program. So in the end you will
exceed this limit with the data file that you want to load. More details
can be found at (

In order be able to use more memory you will have to use a 64 bit Windows
version which can address more memory. However, the 32 bit version of the
software will still have an upper limit of 4GB because of the operating
system. In order to be able to use>4GB you would need a 64 bit OS + a 64-bit
native version of SimpleGeo& the plugins.

To address your problem there are basically two things you can do at this
moment: on one hand I can provide you with a version that, due to some tricks,
allows for using up to 3GB memory under 32 bit Windows. However, you should
keep in mind that this is the max. amount and usually you have other
programs running in parallel which require memory as well. In addition you
could use the Linux program that creates the data files in order to apply
filters (e.g. on the energy range) to create smaller data files.

Hope that helps

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> Dear Fluka users,
> I am running a simulation with 10,000 initial events where the .tracks files are
> around 1.9 GB. When I try to load one into the PipsiCAD3D SimpleGeo plugin I
> eventually get an "out of memory" error message and then file is not loaded.
> I initially thought this was because I only had 2GB of RAM but even on a
> machine with 4GB of RAM I get this error message.
> Besides decreasing the number of initial particles, is there a way of avoiding
> this issue?
> Thanks,
> Bertrand
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