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As far as I could see you will hit the first hard limit once you go
beyond 300 intervals. From your example it didn't sound like that was
the case, but if it was, you could still run your simulation. For the
analysis, if you are using usrsuw and go beyond 300 intervals, edit
usrsuw.f line 70, changing the value of MXIRRD = 300 to a higher number,
e.g.: PARAMETER ( MXIRRD = 600 )
Then compile that routine and you are ready to go.
If you go very high in number you may hit some other limit, just pay
attention to the error messages.

I think this help. By the way, please check consistency of your results,
just to make sure we didn't overlook anything.


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Thank you for the test, But may i again ask the question as how to increase
the limit of the maximum number of intervals (which as mentioned in manual
is 20 and you have done it for the 30 intervals).
Also i am looking for some isotopes having half lives of the order of 1
second and five second and their time evolution will greatly depend on the
ir-radiation profile because the time duration between two pulses is 1.2

On Sat, Jul 16, 2011 at 4:36 AM, Santana, Mario

> I just made a test with an irradiation profile of 30 intervals and it
> seemed
> to work fine (FLUKA did not crash and it produced results).
> In any case, for the application that you describe I'd propose you to stu=
> the micro and macro structure of your irradiation independently. Isotopes
> that significantly decay in 2.4 microseconds (between two pulses) will
> completely
> decay between to cycles so you can use a single 12 pulse cycle to study
> those.
> Similarly, long-lived isotopes will not be affected by the pulsed structu=
> of the cycle (the 12 pulses within it), so I'd compute the average
> power of a cycle and use that for your 10 or 20 cycles.
> Mario
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> Hello,
> I would like to increase the limit of maximum irradiation intervals which
> is
> 20 in IRRPROFIL card( As mentioned in manual).
> Anyway i would also like to write some details about my requirement
> I want to carry out an irradiation with a pulsed beam of 12 pulses.The
> time
> duration of each pulse is about 2.4 microsecond and time lag(cooling time=
> betweeb two pulses is about 1.2 seconds( thus making a cycle of about 14=
> seconds).This is then followed by a measurement time of about 100 seconds
> and then same irradiation is done again.i want to know the resnuclei at t=
> end of each irradiation cycle and i want to do so for about 10 to 20 cycl=
> or more.Because of the limit of 20 irradiation intervals i can perfrom th=
> procedure for only 1 cycle.(Even that can be done only for 9 pulses)
> Thank you
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