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Dear Alberto,

Thank you!
Problem solved!

The reason i try to do this is that,i want to simulate the spontaneous
decay of 238Pu which can emit photon and alpha particles.
Thanks for your answer again.Now i know how to load onto the FLKSTK stack
two source particles at each call.
But i have a doubt about the result.For example(please read my .inp and
source.f),i loaded two particles at each call,set the weight of the
photonset the weight of the electron=0.5.In my opinion,it can detect
1 (particle) for photon,and 0.5 (particle) for electron,while the results
show 0.6666667 and 0.3333333.Why? How can i get the results that i need?

PS:My english is too poor to express my views.i am so sorry for that.:(
Best regards!

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in your source, the statement

DO 10 I=1,2

starts in column 1. In fortran 77 (the language FLUKA is written in) all
statements must start in column 7. So you should have:
        DO 10 I=1,2

In the same way, the statement
should be written
(CONTINUE must start in column 7).

But why do you want to load two particles at the time? I don't see the


On Thu, 21 Jul 2011, zhbail_at_student.sysu.edu.cn wrote:

> Hi all,
> In "SOURCE : user-written source",it says:
> "The user can load onto the FLKSTK stack one or more source particles at each call: for each particle loaded
> the pointer must be increased by 1. The template version of SOURCE loads only one particle: if several are
> loaded the following sequence, until the statement CALL SOEVSV not included, must be repeated once for
> each particle, possibly inside a DO loop:"
> I have wrote a source.f to load two particles at each call but it complied failed.I guess my DO loop is worry.
> Could someone help me to modify my source.f, and tell me exactly which part must be repeated?
> Thanks,
> Bob

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