Problem Processing RESNUCLEI Files with DCYSCORE

From: Macfarlane, Lewis <>
Date: Mon, 27 Feb 2012 18:20:57 +0000

Dear Experts,

As per the title, I'm having trouble processing results.

My case runs just fine and I have no problem processing USRBIN, USRTRACK et=
c that are linked with DCYSCORE cards. I also have no problem processing RE=
SNUCLEI outputs that are not linked to a DCYSCORE card. However as soon as =
I introduce a DCYSCORE card associated with a RESNUCLEI card, my RESNUCLEI =
results fail upon processing, with the following error:

Subscript out of range on file line 188, procedure usrsuw.f/MAIN. Attempt =
to access the 301-th element of variable birhlp.

If anyone could offer any help, that would be great,

Many thanks,
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