RE: Re: Can FLUKA (or flair ) be used to caculate region volumes?

From: Chris Theis <>
Date: Fri, 13 Apr 2012 09:31:06 +0200

Dear Walker,
SimpleGeo offers two kinds of volume calcultions. The one is called
"geometric" and uses the visualized and as such
discretized geometry. As a consequence it is very fast but might fail in case of
rendering artefacts. There is another one which is called "Quasi
Monte Carlo" which calculates the volume integral by using stratified
numerical sequences which act on the analytic description of the geometry.
Therefore, this method also works in the presence of rendering artefacts.
If you are looking for the functionality to calculate volumes of arbitrary
regions directly in your input, like it is provided for example in MCNP(X),
then I'm afraid that FLUKA itself does not provide such a feature
- at least not to my present knowledge. Eventually you can do it but you
will need to do a bit of programming or set up a specific geometry, input
and post-processing to achieve this.
Hope that helps
Chris Theis
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