New FLUKA user :-)

From: Badragan, Iulian <>
Date: Tue, 10 Jul 2012 12:51:14 -0700

Hi everybody,

same old story happens again, somebody new joins the FLUKA user group :-)
So, I want to take the opportunity to greet everybody and briefly introduce myself.

At present, my main area of interest as far as Monte Carlo simulations go, is Radiation Oncology.
I've been working for a few years with EGSnrc, but lately came to a point where I need to deal with
proton and neutron beams, which are not handled by the mentioned software.
Looking around for alternatives I've found MCNP, Geant & FLUKA. To be honest
MCNP proved quite a challenge to get, plus other limitations I won't mention now.
Geant seems based on C++ which I'm not particularly comfortable with, so that leaves
FLUKA as the only one. I've managed to install it on my Ubuntu machine and started to experiment a bit like any beginner.
However, before going further, I have to ask you something which I'm not yet clear about...
Well, apart from source modelling in the end one has to transport radiation through patient
CT data and score dose. So the question is how CT data can be taken into account in the FLUKA input file, since defi=
ning by hand hundreds of thousands of voxels is the sort of task I don't wish to even my worst enemy :-)

Thank you so much for your time and looking further for your reply!

Sincere regards,
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