Re: Geometry crash in version 2011.2b.2

From: Alberto Fasso' <>
Date: Wed, 10 Jul 2013 11:05:48 +0200

Hi Valerio,

I have had a very cursory look at your geometry, but I have noticed an
obvious error.
Region 37 is made by two bodies:
     37 5 +2 -37
where body 2 is a ZCC (an infinite cylinder parallel to the Z axis):
    ZCC 002 0.0 0.0 +44.50
and body 37 is an XYP plane (plane perpendicular to Z axis):
    XYP 37 -72.38

It is impossible to build a closed region with just those two bodies.
The defined region is a cylinder with a basis at Z=-72.38 and infinite on
the positive side.

And indeed this is what is shown by the error message in your *.out file:

   IR= 37 XB= 0.99994999E+00 0.10000868E+01-0.72380000E+02
   WB=-0.14300076E-05 0.21771699E-05 0.10000000E+01 DIST= 0.16965403E+08

which means:
the particle is in region 37 at point
x = 0.99994999E+00
y = 0.10000868E+01
z = -0.72380000E+02 (therefore obviously on plane 37)
and tries to make a step of length 0.16965403E+08 (practically infinite)
in the direction defined by the direction cosines:
u = -0.14300076E-05
v = 0.21771699E-05
w = 0.10000000E+01 (therefore practically along axis z)

... and does not find in which region the step ends, because region 37
is not limited on positive z side.


On Tue, 9 Jul 2013, formato wrote:

> I have a geometry that in the previous version worked quite well but
> after the upgrade to the latest FLUKA version causes some unexpected
> crash. I don't know where I should start to look... I'm trying to shoot
> O16 at TeV energy (again this was never a problem in the last version)
> is there some maximum energy threshold in FLUKA?
> I'm attaching the geometry file and the stdout and stderr for this run.
> (the initial energy is stored in a separate file, and passed to FLUKA
> with a user defined routine, I checked the numbers and they to be what
> they should be)
> Thanks
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