Problems using both DCYSCORE and AUXSCORE

From: Francesco Rossetto <>
Date: Tue, 30 Jul 2013 15:32:48 +0200

Good evening,
I encountered some problem using in the same simulation both the card
DCYSCORE and AUXSCORE. I wanted to know the neutron dose during the
irradiation time, so I put a USRBIN detector in the input file and a
AUXSCORE card in order to check if I was able to see neutron dose per
unit primary weight. The results were confirming that there was a
non-zero neutron dose. As soon as I tried to put also the DCYSCORE card
for a negative cooling time (so during the irradiation), the neutron
dose map was zero all over the space. Where is the problem? Maybe I did
not put the cards in a correct order, in any case I attach the input

Thank you for the support

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