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Date: Fri, 2 Aug 2013 01:10:31 -0700 (PDT)


I think that the answer by Fabio Pozzi to Pablo Cesar Ortiz (included below)
was wrong (or that the original question - also included below - was badly
P.C. Ortiz asked about (p,gamma) reactions, while F. Pozzi answered about
production of gamma emitters. These are not the same thing: (p,gamma)
concerns prompt gammas, while gamma from gamma emitters are decay radiation.
But maybe Ortiz meant the latter, since he was talking about RESNUCLEi?

Concerning the last mail by Ortiz (No activacion001.err generated! etc.)
such messages appear quite often when the user has made some trivial mistake.
It is sufficient to look at the last lines of the *.out file, or at the first
line of the *.log file.
Look there, or send those files.


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Date: Thu, 1 Aug 2013 09:38:47 -0700
From: PABLO CESAR ORTIZ <rapeitor_at_ug.uchile.cl>
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Subject: Fwd: Proton induce activity

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From: PABLO CESAR ORTIZ <rapeitor_at_ug.uchile.cl>
Date: 2013/7/31
Subject: Re: Proton induce activity
To: Fabio Pozzi <fabio.pozzi_at_cern.ch>

Hi Fabio,
I have been trying of running fluka but this not generated the output. Fluka
send me the next message:

Removing links
Removing temporary files
Saving output and random number seed
      No ranactivacion002 generated!
      No activacion001.err generated!
Saving additional files generated
      No additional files to move
End of FLUKA run

I have not identifed the problem. My version of fluka is old (2011.2), but
the last oportunity which used (1-2 month ago, when i sent the first mail to
fluka-discuss) the program run ok.

Thanks in advance.

2013/7/29 Fabio Pozzi <fabio.pozzi_at_cern.ch>

        Dear Pablo,

        The RESNUCLEi scoring card takes into account also the
        production of gamma emitters. I run very quickly your input
        files and with 1.0e6 primaries/cycle (1 cycle) I got in the
        output file (*.63) the activity of Co-57 (99% statistical
        error), which is a gamma emitter. Probably you were running with
        very low statistics (I saw in your input file ~ 5e3

        Kind Regards,


        From: PABLO CESAR ORTIZ [mailto:rapeitor_at_ug.uchile.cl]
        Sent: 29 July 2013 03:55
        To: Fabio Pozzi
        Subject: Re: Proton induce activity

        Hi Fabio,

I have used Resnuclei scoring, i attached the imput.

Thanks in advance

2013/7/26 Fabio Pozzi <fabio.pozzi_at_cern.ch>

Dear Pablo,

what kind of scoring card are you using? Could you please link your
input file?
Thank you.



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Hi dear fluka user, I am a very beginnig fluka user with a problem. I
am simuling a experiment of proton induce activity but the output only
include (p,n) reaction and i wish get result for (p,gamma) reaction.
Can i simulate this reaction type with FLUKA? How?


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