Re: [fluka-discuss]: Fluka Defaults selection table

From: Alberto Fasso' <>
Date: Tue, 1 Oct 2013 01:26:45 -0700 (PDT)

Dear Nicholas,

have you looked at the table which is available in the pdf version of the
manual at the end of the description of the DEFAULTS command?
(The pdf version is present in your $FLUPRO directory with the name FM.pdf).
That table is an attempt to do exactly what you propose: but unfortunately it
has been made a few years ago and probably needs to be updated. It is also
incomplete. I have just realized that for example it does not contain the
defaults concerning command MUPHOTON: there may be more.
Please check it against your table and let me know about possible improvements.

Concerning the particle transport thresholds in EM-CASCA, there is a reason
for their absence. The only particles handled by EM-CASCA are photons,
electrons an positrons: and for these particles the default thresholds are
not recommended. See for instance slide 6 of the lecture "Physics Models 2
(EM Interactions)" on the last FLUKA course:
There is this warning:
    Warning 1: production and transport thresholds are set by
    default, depending on the DEFAULTS card. DO NOT RELY on
    them, choose those best suited for your problem
See also on the manual Note 1) of command EMFCUT:
    1) Default values are available for the electron and photon production
    thresholds in electromagnetic interactions, but they are generated by a
    complex logic based on possible other settings (transport cutoffs,
    delta-ray production thresholds, DEFAULTS card, other defaults). It is not
    always guaranteed that the resulting values be appropriate to the problem
    of interest. Therefore, in order to have good control of the physics, the
    user is recommended to provide explicit threshold values, or at least to
    check them on the main output.


On Tue, 17 Sep 2013, Nicholas Bolibruch wrote:

> Since we're on the topic of default settings in Fluka, I started making a
> table a couple years ago outlining each of the default setting features
> because not each category specifies certain details.  For example, the
> particle transport threshold isn't specified on the list in the manual for
> EM-CASCA but is for many other default modes.
> Right now I have lots of unknowns in the table and there might be a more
> practical layout.  If anyone has the time and knowledge to fill out the
> unknowns and can verify what I filled out that would be greatly
> appreciated.  It would probably be a useful table to have in one of the
> Fluka courses at least.
> Also, the table will colour code the entry on the keywords of On,Off or
> Unknown. 
> --
> Nicholas Bolibruch
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