[fluka-discuss]: Number of ionizations in a region

From: Angelo Infantino <angeloinfa_at_hotmail.com>
Date: Thu, 14 Nov 2013 19:38:26 +0100

Dear Fluka experts,I'm trying to calculate the number of ionizations given by a proton beam in a region. At the end I want to get the current generated in uA (only by the primary protons).To figure out how to get this number I built a very simple geometry: A proton beam (13 MeV pencil beam with no spread in energy and direction) on a cylindrical target of copper, thick enough to stop completly the beam. The target is surrounded by a region of vacuum and blackhole. My goal is to score the current (in uA) generated by the primary particles in the copper target.Is it possible to do with the standard score of fluka?Thank you in advance!

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