[fluka-discuss]: USRBIN 1D projection plot

From: Hamideh Jalali <jalali.hb_at_gmail.com>
Date: Mon, 7 Sep 2015 09:28:44 +0430

Dear FLUKA Experts

In my problem an inclined Si target has been placed in a room (x:-150 to
150, y:-50 to 250, z: 0 to 1000 cm) and has symmetry to the lateral walls.
The beam(produced gas bremsstrahlung) is in z direction with x and y
coordinate of 0.
I would like to score dose equivalent along the room behind lateral
walls in near beam height. To have so, I used 1D projection plot of
USRBIN. I expected to have the same results in both sides of the room but
the plots are completely different. They are attached.
Please guide me to know where I am wrong.

Kind Regards

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