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1.1.6} Low-energy neutrons

  For neutrons with energy lower than 20 MeV, FLUKA uses its own neutron cross
  section library (P5 Legendre angular expansion, 260 neutron energy groups),
  containing more than 250 different materials, selected for their interest in
  physics, dosimetry and accelerator engineering and derived from the most
  recently evaluated data.
  * multigroup P5 cross sections with 260 groups [Cuc91]
  * Gamma-ray generation and different temperatures available.
  * Doppler broadening for temperatures above 0 K.
  * Standard multigroup transport with photon and fission neutron generation.
  * Detailed kinematics of elastic scattering on hydrogen nuclei.
  * Transport of proton recoils and protons from 14-N(n,p)14-C reaction.
  * Capture photons are generated according to the multigroup treatment,
    but transported with the more accurate EMF package which performs
    continuous transport in energy and allows for secondary electron
  For nuclei other than hydrogen, kerma factors are used to calculate energy
  deposition (including from low-energy fission).
  For details about the available materials, group structure etc., see 10}

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