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13.2.12} mdstck.f management of the stack of secondaries


     Argument list:
          IFLAG  : type of nuclear interaction which has produced secondaries:
                   1 : inelastic
                   2 : elastic
                   3 : low-energy neutron
          NUMSEC : number of secondary particles produced in the interaction

 MDSTCK is called after a nuclear interaction in which at least one
 secondary particle has been produced, before any biasing
 is applied to decide which secondary will be loaded in
 the main stack for further transport. The properties of
 the secondaries are stored in the secondary stack (COMMON
 GENSTK). With MDSTCK, the user can analyse those secondaries,
 write them to a file, or even modify the content of GENSTK
 (for instance applying his own biasing). In the latter case,
 however, it is his responsibility to make sure that energy is
 conserved, the various physical quantities are still consistent, etc.

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