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7.13.1} Radiation components

 High-energy hadrons and muons are always generated and transported, except with
 defaults settings EM-CASCA and NEUTRONS (however, they cannot be requested
 overriding these two defaults). To suppress them, one can use command DISCARD.

 Option EMF (E_lectroM_agnetic F_luka) can be used to request electron, positron
 and photon transport, and also to ask for its suppression (the latter could be
 obtained also by discarding electrons, positrons and photons by means of DISCARD).

 Low-energy neutron transport (if not already on by default) can be activated
 with option LOW-NEUT. Explicit suppression is not possible: but the same effect
 can be obtained using option LOW-BIAS to set a cutoff at energy group 1.

 Heavy ion transport (only ionisation energy loss, without nuclear interactions)
 is implicit with some default settings, while with others it is not available.
 Details can be found in the description of command IONTRANS. The same command
 can be used also to request heavy ion interactions using different event
 generators: in this case the corresponding libraries must be linked.

 A special option, HI-PROPErt, is necessary to define the properties of a heavy
 ion primary, since the particle type input via the BEAM command can only be a
 generic heavy ion.

 Generation and transport of optical photons is available only on explicit user
 request. Activation (and deactivation) are requested via OPT-PROD (for
 Cherenkov, transition radiation or scintillation photon production) and
 OPT-PROP (transport).

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