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    Determines the transport of ions (A > 1), allowing to limit it to subsets of
    light ions (A < 5) and to choose between approximate and full transport
    (including nuclear interactions)

>= 1 : no transport, full or approximate, of any light/heavy ion = 0 : ignored = -1 : approximate transport (without interactions) of all light and heavy ions = -2 : full transport of all light and heavy ions >= -6 and <= -3 : full transport of light ions with FLUKA id >=
(-3=d,-4=t,-5=3-He,-6=4-He), and approximate transport of all other ions
: 0.0 (no ion transport, unless a ion beam is requested by the BEAM card, see note 2) WHAT(2-6) and
not used.
1) When requested, interactions at energies larger than 125MeV/n are performed provided that the external event generators DPMJET and RQMD are linked (through the script $FLUPRO/flutil/ldpmqmd). For energies lower than 125 MeV/n, the BME event generator is already included in the main $FLUPRO/libflukahp.a library and linked in the standard $FLUPRO/flukahp executable. 2) In the presence of a heavy ion beam, full transport of all ions is enabled by default (no need for IONTRANS).

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