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9.5} Estimator output


 Most estimator results can be printed either as unformatted files or as
 formatted (ASCII) text, on logical output units chosen by the user.
 The only exception is DETECT, for which only the unformatted option is
 available, and for which the output unit number cannot be chosen (it is
 always 17).
 If the formatted option is chosen, it is possible to write the estimator
 output as part of the main output (logical output unit 11). It is also
 possible to write the results of more than one estimator on the same file.
 However, the task of post-processing analysis programs is easier if
 estimators of a different kind (e.g. USRBIN and USRBDX), or even with a
 different structure (e.g. two USRBINs wit a different number of bins), have
 their outputs directed to separate files.
 All the formatted estimator outputs follow the same pattern:
 - The title of the run (as given in input with option TITLE).
 - Date and time
 - Total number of particles followed, and their total weight. (Note that
   the number of particles is written in format I7, that may be insufficient
   for very large runs. In this case the value will be replaced by a line
   of asterisks)


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