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    Description reading BIOlogical parameter CaRDs

= 0 always WHAT(2-6) = not used
= biological data file name (10 character long) the file must be named <sdum>.dat
= no default The (formatted) file must contain the Alpha and Beta parameters for a linear-quadratic cell survival curve for the various particles involved in the simulation. It must be organized as follows (all values are read with free format): First line: Alpha (Gy^-1) and Beta (Gy^-2) for X-rays Second line: number of ions species N_ion (charges) which follows, the data for the 1st ion are supposed to be for Z=1, those of the i_th for Z=i etc. N_ion times: number N_e of kinetic energy per nucleon or LET values (see later) of the tabulation N_e times: 3 values: kinetic energy per nucleon (MeV/n) or LET (keV/um) and the corresponding Alpha and Beta values for this ion A last line (optional) with ENERGY or LET indicating whether the tabulated values are as a function of kinetic energy per nucleon or LET (default kinetic energy per nucleon)

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