Last version:
FLUKA 2023.3.4, April 10th 2024
(last respin 2023.3.4)
flair-2.3-0d 13-Sep-2023


-- Fluka Release
( 10.04.2024 )

FLUKA 2023.3.4 has been released.

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A1 Important warnings for the users

  • If you request the treatment of low energy neutrons (LOW-NEUT option)
    be sure that the transport threshold for neutrons (set with PART-THR)
    is equal to the minimum energy you need for neutron transport (typically 1E-5 eV). Please note that the behaviour of the PART-THR option for neutrons changed with respect to past releases.

  • Remember that the material numbering must be contiguous for numbers larger than 25: if funny things occurs with materials, check it.

  • The mimimum recommended energy for PRIMARY electrons is about 50 to 100 keV for low-Z materials and 100-200 keV for heavy materials.

  • The mimimum recommended energy for PRIMARY photons is about 5 to 10 keV.

  • In order to achieve reasonable results for residual nuclei production the new evaporation module (see card PHYSICS) MUST be activated. The old evaporation is still the default, mostly for historical reasons and speed, but it does not produce meaningful results for residuals. The new evaporation, available since 1997 is far more sophisticated in this respect, while differences in emitted particle spectra and multiplicities are weak.

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