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From: Giuseppe Battistoni (
Date: Tue Aug 02 2005 - 09:31:13 CEST

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     Dear FLUKA user,

     As a coordinator of the FLUKA collaboration, I am proud to announce that
     the new FLUKA release, Fluka2005.6, is now available on the FLUKA web site
     and mirrors.

     This release is a major step forward with many and relevant new features
     (read carefully the attached release notes). Please notice in particular
     the elimination of e.m. preprocessor (pemf) and the change in common and
     variable names for iser routines. Furthermore, it is the first release
     occurring in the framework of the INFN-CERN Collaboration Agreement for the
     Development, Maintenance and Release of the FLUKA software. INFN and CERN
     have also formalized a licensing scheme (attached to this message) covering
     all versions of the modern FLUKA or parts of, as developed since 1989 by
     A.Fasso`, A.Ferrari, J.Ranft and P.R.Sala. It contains no significant
     difference with respect to the draft License used in previous releases and
     it allows free use for Scientific Institutions. As a new important step,
     this new License concerns now the possibility to download the FLUKA source
     code. The source release will be initially limited to INFN, CERN and a few
     other Institutions, and later extended to all the scientific community.
     According to the License, all users are supposed to use up-to-date versions
     of the code. The License applies also to any version or parts of FLUKA
     since 1989, provided by the Authors, pro bona fide, on a personal basis:
     whoever got such a software and whishes to continue to make use of FLUKA,
     is urged to migrate to this new release. The use of versions or parts of
     which are no longer (or were never) authorized will be considered an
     infringement of the INFN-CERN Copyright.

     Notice for users of FLUKA within CORSIKA: for the moment the new FLUKA
     version is probably not usable: the interface to CORISKA must be updated
     and this will be done after the current summer.

     For whichever question or assistance, please contact the Fluka Scientific
     Committee (see below). For questions about the License, please contact

     Let me also transmit for your knowledge the announcement that has been
     unanimously approved by the INFN-CERN FLUKA coordinating committee (FCC)
     endorsed by INFN and CERN management:

     "The FLUKA Coordinating Committee (FCC)
     is very pleased to announce that as of July 26th 2005 the main tasks
     falling under its mandate have now been completed.
     The current status may be summarised as follows :
      - a new version of Fluka (FLUKA 2005.6) containing significant
     scientific and technical enhancements is now ready for public release
      - the release includes source code and binaries together with release
      - the technical Users' Manual has been finished and will be published
     immediately as a CERN Yellow Report
      - the FLUKA Software License describing the conditions of use of the
     Fluka code has been established to coincide with the release
      - According to the FLUKA Collaboration Agreement, CERN and INFN engage
     themselves and their personnel to recognize as FLUKA only what is
     obtained from the official web site ( In particular, the
     use of non-authorized versions or parts of them and improper referencing
     in official publications will be avoided.
      - users of FLUKA needing assistance to migrate to this new version are
     encouraged to contact a member of the recently established FLUKA
     Scientific Committee(*) for assistance."

     I wish to thank the INFN and CERN Management for the support given to
     the whole operation and their warm endorsement of this announcement.

                Best regards
                     Giuseppe Battistoni
                     (Chairman of the FCC)

     (*) The current membership of the FSC is as follows:

      Giuseppe Battistoni INFN / Milano
      Federico Carminati CERN / PH
      Alberto Fasso SLAC
      Alfredo Ferrari CERN / AB
      Andrea Ottolenghi INFN and University of Pavia
      Johannes Ranft Siegen University
      Stefan Roesler CERN / SC
      Paola Sala INFN / Milano
      Vasilis Vlachoudis CERN / AB

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