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From: Wu QingBiao (
Date: Fri Apr 21 2006 - 02:52:26 CEST

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    Dear Professor Fasso:
        I am a master in IHEP(Institute of High Energy Physics,Chinese Academy of
    Sciences),major in Radiation Protection,and began study FLUKA2005.6 code last
    October,now I can run some examples from your official
    webside(,and have
    successfully run several of input files written by myself.Since there are few
    guys mastered fluka code in China,I am do need your help
        There are two questions that I am urgent to solve:
    (1)I am simulating a He3 neutron detector ,trying to score the Proton and
    Tritium produced in He3 gas tube(my input file attached ),since the neutron
    beam direction perpendicular to the axis of the tube,I try to use BEAMPOS and
    BEAMAXES cards to make the USRBIN scored by R-Z mesh.However,when I wrote the
    BEAMPOS and BEAMAXES cards according the mannal instructions,I failed to get
    any scored.When I changed
    the WHat(1) and WHat(2) (i.e the x and y coordinates),it works! But that dosen't
    make sense to me.So I wonder if there is something wrong in my input file or
    my understanding?
    (2)I know USRBIN card can score proton and tritium fluence and densties in a
    region,but it can't give a energy spectrum,how can I score both the number of
    paticles and their energy spectrum in the He3 tube ?Do I do need to compile a
    usr routine?How do?
    Any help will be appreciated.
    Best regards.

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