Read USRBDX binary output

From: Sunil C. (
Date: Tue May 30 2006 - 07:30:20 CEST

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    Hi All

    I was trying to follow the example in the manual to get the USRBDX outputs
    from independent runs. The manual says use of usxsuw.f gives 3 outputs,
    from the example in the beginners's guide, the files pion,
    pion_sum.lis,pion_tab.lis. The manual further says to use usxsuw to
    operate on the the file pion(which is a binary file) to get the ascii
    file. I tried this and the output i get is another binary file. Is there
    another program to do this?
    I remeber a comment to that effect in some mail in this forum.


    Heath Physicist
    Pelletron, TIFR

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