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Date: Tue Apr 24 2007 - 15:17:50 CEST

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    They are many ways :
    1) To obtain a circular surface source it is simple : you can do it
    inside BEAM card without source.f by giving the proper values to WHAT(4)
    and (5) with WHAT(6) < 0 (see manual).
    2) For a spherical source you can use source.f by calling the RACO
    subroutine see,_subroutines_and_Fortran_programming.html
    You got three random numbers TXX, TYY, TZZ such that TXX**2 + TYY**2 +
    TZZ**2 = 1D+00
    In source.f you assign XBEAM = TXX, YBEAM = TYY, ZBEAM = TZZ for
    example. This gives you a spherical distribution with "radius" 1 cm (on
    every projection (x,y), (x,z), (y,z)) and center 0,0,0.
    You can also take a look in the user routines chapter of the fluka
    manual section source to see other applications of sampling.

    Hope it helps.



    fanoos wrote :

    > Dear FLUKA users
    > I want to simulate a circular surface source by fluka.I know I should
    > use source.f but I don't know how I can sample such a source in source.f.
    > How can I simulate a volume source?
    > Could you do me a favor by your help?
    > Regards
    > Fanoos
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