Re: about BXDRAW or region problem

From: Yung-Shun Yeh (
Date: Tue May 22 2007 - 18:44:22 CEST

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    Dear Vasilis,

    I followed your way, and corrected the errors in my input file. But the
    problem still existed. My previous description was not clear. Let me
    describe the problem again.

     There are two homocentric balls made of water. One's radius is 5 cm, the
    other's is 10 cm. And the neutron source is put on the center and is
    isotropic. I can take data in 10cm boundary which is stored in
    "NeutronPropagation001_BoundaryNeu10", but can not in 5cm boundary which is
    stored in "NeutronPropagation001_BoundaryNeu5". Do you have data in the "
    NeutronPropagation001_BoundaryNeu5"? Thanks for your kind help.

    Best regards,

    On 5/22/07, Vasilis Vlachoudis <> wrote:
    > Dear Yung-Shun
    > you have a problem with your input. You use in the GEOBEGIN card
    > SDUM=COMBNAME which means to activate the free format with names for the
    > geometry, and then you are using a Fixed format with numbers which
    > should be defined by SDUM=COMBINAT. The two formats should not be mixed!
    > Once I have changed the SDUM (and the region END card which is
    > misaligned) it seems that works.
    > Regards
    > Vasilis

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