[fluka-discuss]: merging outputs from different clones

From: <amucha_at_agh.edu.pl>
Date: Wed, 29 Mar 2017 10:44:15 +0200

I want to speed up my simulations so I clone my input and use multicore.
And I approached some problems with merging the results. This problem
has been already discussed:
but I still have doubts if I’m doing it correctly.
In Flair I highlightall clones inputs, then Process Data. I get outputs
like .bnn and .trk files that correspond and to one clone only (in the
filename there is
the clone number).
I’m almost 100% sure that If I choose “father” I get plots that come
also from one clone only – I can see this on plots and from statistics
in .tab files. Does anybody has any experience with this?
And the second question – how can I merge results from different clones
in the next session of Flair? I cannot highlight “father” input then but
need to choose only one clone input. Is it possible to use Flair to do
this or do I need to process outputs with other tools or additional


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