[fluka-discuss]: muon + mgdraw

From: andrea russomando <andrea.russomando_at_roma1.infn.it>
Date: Mon, 25 Sep 2017 11:47:54 -0300

Dear FLUKA experts

Iím studying the interaction of an electron beam with a lead target
I would like to record all the muons created, and save the variables needed to reconstruct their kinematic

For this purpose Iím using a modified version of mgdraw

I never used it before, so I have some doubts

1) Am I using the right cards?
I donít know if Iím using in the right way the card EMF-BIAS (the manual suggests to be very careful in the mixing of bias and dump) and I donít know if I should activate the card photonuc (type electrnuc).
If this card is enable seems to me that the muons are produced at rest, while otherwise have very high energy (I attached the two different dumps)
2) I canít understand the results of the dump
It seems that the same particle is written more than once in the stack
Also I always obtained Ntrack=0 (from what I understand it means a local energy deposition), even though Iím using a low threshold in the card PART-THR

Thanks in advance

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