RE: [fluka-discuss]: How to process the dicom RTPlan without flair interface?

From: Wioletta Sandra Kozlowska <>
Date: Wed, 20 Dec 2017 10:35:50 +0000

Dear Junyu,

There is no ready and straightforward external command/script you can use for this conversion.

For your information, with the new FLUKA release, the format of RTPLAN beam spot is going to be standardized using new cards. Thus, we will try to provide also the possibility to process the files externally.

Wioletta Kozłowska

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Sent: 19 December 2017 09:45
Subject: [fluka-discuss]: How to process the dicom RTPlan without flair interface?

Dear FLUKA experts:

I am now using flair to convert dicom file RTPlan.dcm to an input file constructed by USRINI cards.

As I need to simulate a lot of plans, I want to know are there any command that I can run under the Linux terminal directly to finish this conversion.

To do the conversion by clicking mouse on flair one by one is really a hard work.



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