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    Hi Markus,

    for the moment this possibility in FLAIR is still under development.
    It's possible to plot 3D tracks, however not being overlaid with the
    geometry. This feature will be added soon in the next releases.

    Moreover, with SimpleGeo (
    recent efforts were addressing the same issue. Currently in the testing
    phase, a new release version (3.0) is planned for middle of September
    including among other things the possibility to display particle tracks
    superimposed on the geometry. All tracks are colour coded depending on
    the particle type and can be displayed statically or as a function of



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    > Dear Users,
    > Has anyone managed to display particle tracks overlaid on a
    > geometry using the FLAIR software?
    > I already tried with the USERDUMP card but got I did not see
    > the number of tracks which I expected. The inputs in FLAIR
    > are a bit ambiguous and the documentation on this is non
    > existent. I look forward to any responses and thank you in
    > anticipation.
    > Yours sincerely,
    > Markus

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