Re: [fluka-discuss]: source.f simulation gives zeroes

From: Mikhail Polkovnikov <>
Date: Wed, 1 Aug 2018 15:22:53 +0300

Dear Alex,

If your linac spectrum has energy values in MeV, then the kinetic energy
in your source.f must be transformed from MeV to GeV.


Best regards,

On 01.08.2018 13:47, Ševčik Aleksandras wrote:
> Hello Fluka experts,
> I am trying to simulate a polychromatic beam imitating linac photon
> spectra. I am using a modified source.f routine which has been
> successfully used for 70kev x-ray generation, see attached. Now I want
> to simulate a linac spectrum, see attached .dat file. However, using a
> test setup (see attached *.inp) I get zeroes in the results. Could you
> please advise what possibly goes wrong? Should source.f be modified or
> .dat file is wrongly made? Thank you,
> Alex

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