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Thank you, I'll take a look!


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Hi Andrew,
     did you try Exercise 3 given at the last Fluka advanced course
(in which a dipole is defined both as geometry and as magnetic
field)? This is the link where you can find slides and files:

If I understand correctly, your problem is very similar.

Hope this helps,

Il 27/08/2018 19:20, Andrew Hastings ha scritto:
> Discuss Group,
> Iím in the process of entering the geometry for the linac tunnel and
> two 90 degree turns to place the electron beam in the plane of the
> accelerator ring. I canít seem to determine the best approach for the
> geometry of the vacuum pipe turns to accurately represent the smooth
> bend while maintaining a cylindrical shape. Iíve considered staggering
> many segments of RCCís, but this would be extremely inefficient.
> Alternatively, I considered overlapping spheres, although the true
> pipe shape wouldnít be represented. I havenít found a way to make the
> QUA shape fit my purposes.
> After digging around for any publications and the discuss thread, Iíve
> been unable to find any mention or examples of this type of geometry.
> Below is an AutoCad image of the first turn. Any suggestions on how to
> make a 90 degree curving cylinder of a certain radius?
> 1465572792562_image003.png
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