[fluka-discuss]: Question about transform card generation in RTPlan conversion in particle therapy simulation

From: 张俊昱 <2016222020053_at_stu.scu.edu.cn>
Date: Fri, 7 Dec 2018 17:02:24 +0800 (GMT+08:00)

Dear FLUKA experts:

Me again, There is a question about the transform card generation in RTPlan converting to Plan.inp process.

In Dicom Tab, converting of RTPlan dicom to the spot description USRINI cards will also apply a transforming to the VOXEL geometry and a inverse operation to the dose scoring. I want to know how the transforming data is calculated (with the info of beam center and gantry/couch angular?). The transforming is usually constructed with a isocenter translation card and a Voxel rotation card. Here I use the flair 2.2.x which will give me a USRINI card set file to fit my source.f file.

By the way, my previous question about nuclear distribution density did not have any answer yet, let me attach the content here as well:

I am now trying to fetch material information of a region in my subroutine 'fluscw.f', I include the (FLKMAT) common file, and use MEDFLK() function to get the material index.

Now my problem is: if the material is water, then how should I get the oxygen nuclear density in the region; what if the material is PMMA, then how can I get the carbon and oxygen nuclear density respectively?Further more, if my checking happened in a voxel geometry mapped from a CT set, then in each voxel (with different and a lot of kinds of material component) how can I get the density of a certain nuclear?

Thanks very much for any help.



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