Re: fluka and gfortran

Date: Fri Jan 04 2008 - 01:36:07 CET

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    Many thanks, Joe. This is the kind of information (i.e. a successful
    hack from a
    Suse user) that I was hoping to get from someone, before trying it myself.

    I've repeated your steps successfully - I am now able to create and run
    on one of the example input files. Excellent.

    Still, this is a far from satisfactory solution. I hope the fluka team
    support for both gfortran and g95 in the near future. Thanks again.


    Quoting Joseph Comfort <>:

    > Dear Pat,
    > I saw your inquiry about g77 and SuSE a few days ago, but was away from
    > my computer. I also run SuSE and am putting version 10.3 on my
    > computers. I had expected the compat-g77 rpm to continue to be
    > available, but they have dropped it.
    > I have picked up the version from SuSE 10.2 and installed it. It does
    > not conflict with other things, as best I know. However, some symbolic
    > links have to added. They are given in the attached file. Only the
    > first line is needed on 32-bit machines. All of them are needed for
    > 64-bit machines (most of mine). I have not had any problems.
    > Joe Comfort

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