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    Dear fluka users and experts,

    USRBDX 101.0 7.0 -31.0 20.0 3.0 10.5768PhFluenUD
    USRBDX 0.006 0.00 100.0 &

    This is my usrbdx card for the detection of photon fluence. I want to
    calculate fluence of photon passing through the region 20 to 3. how can i
    get it?
            I was doing fluence calulation by this way

          IIIrd column in *_tab.lis (i.e photon/cm^2/GeV/primary particle)
    multiply this by the differece of Ist and IInd column of the same row.
            Is this right? if not please reply me the correct way. does the
    same way is useful for neutron fluence calculation?

         Also I have installed flair, in flair for plotting USR-1D and in
    detector information of this there are 6 different option for Y axix
    selection. like
    i) Y
    ii) Y x <X>
    iii) Y x <Xgeo>
    iv) Y x Xl
    v) Y x Xh
    vi) Y x DX

    I want to know that which one is correct for fluence calculation(i was
    using last one) and where other option will be useful. what are its

    THank you very much.


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