[fluka-discuss]: Re: Finding Material Files for DICOM using DOCKER

From: Horváth Dávid <David.Horvath_at_eli-beams.eu>
Date: Fri, 22 Mar 2019 18:51:05 +0000

Dear Stabass,

the folder you are looking for is located at /usr/local/flair/dicom

Also, it is perfectly safe to work in the shared (docker_work) folder.

Kind regards,
Dávid Horváth

Junior Researcher
Radiation Protection
ELI Beamlines

E: david.horvath_at_eli-beams.eu
T: +420 266 051 283
M: Za Radnicí 835, 25241 Dolní Břeľany, Czech Republic

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I am trying to convert a CT scan in to voxel, using recently installed FLUKA on DOCKER,

however I am unable to locate the flair/Dicom dir.

I am currently in the shared folder docker_work , Can some one please help?

Additionally I need to know, that for DOCKER we have to run flair and input files in shared folder, docker_work ?

Unlike previous versions on VM, where we preferably do not work in the shared folder .



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