Re: {Spam-M} [fluka-discuss]: Radiation filed at 1m from Co-60 and Ir-192 in air

From: Jyoti <>
Date: Sat, 23 Mar 2019 13:28:45 +0530

Can you please help me out to make the source.f file for Ir-192. I made it for Cs-137 single energy (kindly find attached). 

On 03/22/19 01:25 PM, wrote:
> You need to prepare source spectrum of 192Ir and 60Co via source.f subroutine and then compile it with corresponding input file.
> On 2019-03-22 11:54, Jyoti wrote:
> >Dear FLUKA Experts,
> >I have a point source(Cs-167). I kept a spherical detector around the
> >source at 1m. The medium is air. For this geometry, I calculated the
> >energy deposition and hence radiation field at 1m from the point
> >source. The input file is attached. The results obtained matched with
> >the analytical calculated value.
> >
> >1) For the same above scenario, if I take the source of Co-60 instead
> >of Cs-137. Then, how to proceed with single input file. The problem I
> >am facing it is that Co-60 emits two gamma photons per disintegration.
> >2) Similarly, for Ir-192 how to calculate the radiation field? It
> >emits multiple photons per disintegration.
> >
> >Thank you
> >
> >With regards,
> >Jyoti

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