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From: Alberto Fasso' (fasso@SLAC.Stanford.EDU)
Date: Mon Mar 03 2008 - 02:28:10 CET

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    Dear Sandra,

    the detection efficiency is the results of several different things.
    Some of them FLUKA can calculate, but some information must be provided
    by you:

    1) Geometrical acceptance of the detector: FLUKA does it
    2) Energy deposited in the detector: FLUKA does it
    3) Response of the detector for that deposited energy: needs some input
        from you.

    For point 3) there are two possibilities:
    a) to provide one or two Birks quenching coefficients (see the manual
        about command TCQUENCH). For some scintillators, these coefficients have
        been measured and published, see for instance the reference mentioned
        in the example of the manual following the description of the command.
        This choice only gives you the fraction of deposited energy which is
        converted to scintillation photons, but not the self-absorption of those
        photons inside the detector, nor the fraction of photons reaching the
        photocathode and being detected by it.
    b) to simulate explicitely the production of scintillation photons (see
        command OPT-PROD, with SDUM = SCINTILL or SCINT-WV or SCINT-OM), and their
        transport (command OPT-PROP).
        You must provide up to 3 photon monochromatic energies, together with the
        respective fraction of deposited energy going into each of the 3 lines.
        You must also provide the optical properties of the scintillator (energy
        or wavelength range for the transport, refraction and absorption index)
        and the quantum efficiency, or sensitivity of the the photocathode.

    As the latin poet Catullus said:

    Coenabis bene, mi Fabulle, apud me
    si tecum attuleris bonam atque magnam
    coenam, non sine candida puella...

    (You will dine well at my table, dear Fabullus,
    if you will bring with you a good and big dinner,
    and possibly also a nice girl...)



    On Wed, 27 Feb 2008, Sandra Moretto wrote:

    > Dear fluka-users,
    > my situation is very simple.
    > I have an isotropic source of neutrons with E<20 MeV.
    > and a Cylindric Scintillator placed at 50 cm away from the source.
    > I'd like to calculate the detection efficiency.
    > It is feasible to use fluka for that?
    > Thanks for the attention
    > Sandra
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