Re: Subscript out of range ... procedure rpnorm.f

From: Francesco Cerutti (
Date: Thu Mar 06 2008 - 20:24:57 CET

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    Dear Jaroslaw,

    > and one possible solution of my problem was suggested by Alfredo Ferrari as:
    > " the input exceeded the maximum storage available for parentheses
    > expansion ".
    > So my question is how I can increase this value.

    You cannot increase that value, since it is a parameter (indeed already
    big, i.e. equal to 100000) defined in the core code. What happened is that
    in the expansion of parentheses you put in the definition of some region,
    the limit of 1e5 terms has been broken. What you have to do, is to
    optimize the expression of that region in order to avoid during its
    expansion a too long chain of terms.

    See also
    (for possible consolation)



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