Re: Bragg curve and USRBDX

From: Giuseppe Battistoni (
Date: Tue Mar 11 2008 - 00:11:06 CET

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    Whay are you using USRBDX? You need to score an energy deposition
    to define the dose, and this is achieved with USRBIN
    (USRBDX is a fluence or current scoring).
    You can define different USRBIN cases: spatial segmentaion of your target
    and also of space region outside the target. Poovided that these regions
    are not assigned to void material, then you can get dose

    Giuseppe Battistoni

    On Mon, 10 Mar 2008, Joel DeWitt wrote:

    > fluka-discuss users:
    > I have a Bragg curve from experiment that I would like to check with
    > FLUKA. The setup is a 1 GeV/n 56-Fe beam interacting with a 5 g/cm2
    > polyethylene target. I'm attempting to use USRBDX to score energy
    > (generalized particle 208) behind the target, and hopefully get a
    > normalized dose estimation at that point in uGy/ion. The output is
    > expressed as a pair of numbers: the "x" has units of GeV/cm2/energy
    > unit/steradian/primary according to the manual. Is the "y" number
    > solid angle? My initial approach was to take the contents of each
    > energy bin, convert to J/primary, then sum them. But what is the unit
    > mass needed to convert to dose? Can this be obtained by the using the
    > "y" results from the USRBDX output?
    > I'm sure this is "a way" to estimate dose between two regions, but not
    > The Way. Am I way of base here? Feedback will be appreciated.
    > Joel DeWitt

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