Re: K+- to e+- nu decay and biasing

From: Paola Sala <>
Date: Thu Mar 20 2008 - 15:22:00 CET

Dear Biagio,
the decay in electron+neutrino is not implemented. However, the
impplementaion requires a very small effort and can easily be provided
for the next release. I report below the presently available K+/- decay
K+/- --> pi0,e+/-,nue/nuebar (Ke3)
K+/- --> pi0,mu+/-,numu/numubar (Kmu3)
K+/- --> mu+/-,numu/numubar
K+/- --> pi+/-,pi0
K+/- --> pi+/-,pi0,pi0
K+/- --> pi+/-,pi+,pi-
Biasing of branching ratios is not implemented. It can be done, but this
requires a bit more of work and will come in a later time. In any case,
there will NOT be the possibility to "switch off" decay channels, only to
bias the relative probability.
> Dear all,
> I'd like to know if this decay is implemented in the fluka simulation.
> (Is there a list of simulated particle decays?).
> If the answer is yes, how can I bias this decay such that it happens in
> 100% of cases?
> if it is not, how can I add this decay to the simulation (is it possible
> by means of user routines?).
> (For adding I mean without simulating it in the source.f routine, I need
> to
> simulate the decay in flight and I'd like that FLUKA tracks the KAONS
> (energy loss
> and magnetic field bending) before the decay happens.
> Thanks a lot
> Biagio

Paola Sala
INFN Milano
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