Re: [fluka-discuss]: how to set angle divergence in source routine?

From: babintsev <>
Date: Wed, 18 Sep 2019 07:17:55 +0300

  Hi, Ivan

I am not expert, but I have some info about this topic  from fluka-discuss:
it was question from Alex
Take a look at the attachment


17.09.2019 10:56, Ivan Gordeev пишет:
> Hello fluka users and experts!
> I have a problem concerning angle divergence setting. I have a source
> routine, but, how exactly I can set this parameter there? If I set
> this parameter in BEAM (input file), seems nothing happens. So, I need
> to change cosines in routine? Or use value DIVBM somehow? How to set
> angle divergence using source routine correctly?
> ---
> Kind regards,
> Ivan

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